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Are you down in the dumps or worrying too much? It's okay, we can help you work through it and relieve the stress on your mind

Unhealthy Habits

We're all in-perfect humans and you may have developed some unhealthy habits over the years you just can't seem to fix

Personal Issues

We all go through stages in our lives where some things can negatively affect us, but with professional help you can overcome them

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Auckland Hypnotherapy Specialist

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The Benefits Of Hypnosis

Mind Management offers professional hypnotherapy in Auckland to help people to go deeper within themselves, guided and supported by a trained therapist, in order to discover what beliefs are holding them back. It helps people to discover and then heal experiences from their past which left a negative imprint, causing them to believe something negative and limiting about themselves. 

Holistic Hypnotherapy works with gentle relaxation states, similar to that of meditation, where you remain completely alert and awake, in order to contact the subconscious mind. Doing therapy and healing work on that level helps to create lasting and effective change, and reduces the prevalence of being triggered by other people and in life. 

The benefits include being able to remain calm in situations that used to trigger or upset you, improved health, increased happiness, better sleep, reduced or eliminated anxiety, more energy, higher motivation levels, improved relationships, more life fulfillment, decrease in PTSD symptoms, reduction in pain, lower blood pressure, improved and healed addictions, and more.

You don't have to keep suffering, take action today

Any person suffering from any degree of emotional or physical “dis-ease” can benefit from Clinical Hypnotherapy.


The problems treatable through hypnosis are equally diversified. Although hypnosis is commonly associated with habit cessation (losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.), almost any area treatable by conventional means can be enhanced through the use of hypnosis.


Hypnosis can be effective in the treatment of most disorders, whether mental or otherwise, where the relaxation response promotes the person’s attitude. The most important determinant of the eventual success of the therapy is the true desire to get well.